Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Safari in Zambia

For all of you who have long awaited this post...

Female water buck

Where we stayed



Female puku surrounded by male impalla


Grey hooded kingfisher



How many heads do you see?

How many crocs can you see? All the log things are crocs! At least 10!

There are 4 different types of birds in this tree. Mostly vultures of two varieties but also hawk(or eagle) and a stork.

a bee eater

White baby baboons! The guide says they out grow their white though.

A field of baboons, maybe they are doing evening yoga.

We will be posting a final post when I have time again. For now I am off to New Orleans, when I return family reunion and then I head to Georgia and Bryan to Washington. When we return from that we are off to California on a road trip! Busy summer! So just keep checking in!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 2010 2nd post

Our Farewell at the primary school

Our village chief dancing.

Juve Dancing
Keah Dancing
Teachers Dancing to present us with a gift!
Calvin blowing bubbles
Us and the Murrys
Little Mia, with a disposable camera we gave him as a toy... he loves it!
The Kanyanga Family and Us! We are going to really miss this family.
Left to right, Joshua, Tereza, Esnut, Baby Samuel held by Christopher, Amayi, Chisomo. Front four from left, Lockalo, Dorica, Dave and Mia.

Louis looking sharp on his new bike!

The drive to Lilongwe we took the Dedza escarpment... we could see the lake from some of the points!
Thats the lake reflecting between the points

Thats all for now! We are headed home so soon but we have one more safari first in South Luangwa, pictures will follow!

Malawi Photos